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Smile! You’re in good hands. Endodontics(Root Canal) treats the dental pulp in case that it becomes diseased or injured. To save the hurting tooth, endodontic therapy is used to produce relief.


Endodontics Services

Endodontic treatment, also known as root canal, will last as long as your natural teeth. A tooth that has received treatment may fail to heal, or pain may continue to exist.

Sometimes, the pain may occur months or even years after treatment. If so, endodontic re-treatment may be needed, which means that another dental root canal procedure has to be implemented as the initial treatment has not been successful.


Improper healing may be caused by:

  • Curved or narrow canals were not treated during the initial
  • Complicated canals went undetected during the initial procedure
  • The crown or restoration was not placed within the appropriate amount of time following the procedure
  • The crown or restoration did not prevent saliva from contaminating the inside of the tooth

Our Role

In some cases, new problems can influence a tooth that was successfully treated. This can happen through new decay exposing a root canal filling material, causing a crack or loose filling to new infection.

Once re-treatment has been selected as a solution to your problem, the endodontist will reopen your tooth to gain access to the root canal filling material. This restorative material will be removed to enable access to the root canal. The endodontist will then clean your canals and carefully examine the inside of the problematic tooth. Once cleaned, the endodontist will fill and seal the canals and place a temporary filling in the tooth.

You do not need to suffer from any more pain, as the dentist will make sure that you are not in any more pain, through very carefully conducting anaesthesia, if necessary.

If you feel have a toothache, consult us as soon as possible so we can help relieve any discomforts!



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