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There is no better place to start the Invisalign process than the Cronulla Dental Centre in Cronulla. The gift of a perfect smile is something we hope can be within reach for anyone. Patients love Invisalign aligners because they are discreet and virtually undetectable when worn. This means that users can smile confidently throughout the entirety of the process.


Invisalign Treatment

After our Dentist creates your customised treatment plan, the series of clear aligners are manufactured to achieve the desired result. The number of trays you will have is dependent on how much movement is required to give you a perfect smile.

Simple cases, for example a patient that had braces as a teen but lost their retainer, can be as few as 5 aligners. While more complex cases can have 20-30 aligners.

We recommend you wear each aligner either 1 or 2 weeks before progressing to the next aligner, again depending on case type. Once you have progressed through your aligner series and have the smile of your dreams, you will have the option to decide which type of complimentary retainer system you would prefer (ie bonded permanent retainers vs clear removable retainers, or both!).



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