Get A Bright White Smile

Teeth Whitening


Want to improve the radiance of your smile? Teeth whitening is a simple way of improving your smile, leaving a huge impact on your confidence!


Teeth Whitening Services

The process of teeth whitening can roll back the years, when coffee, tea and possibly the odd glass of red wine have stained the teeth. We, at Cronulla Dental Centre, want you to get back your pearly whites. We will do our utmost to provide you with the most beautiful and whitest teeth that will sparkle whenever you smile. We will offer you an initial complimentary consultation where we will explain to you the treatment and the particular steps involved. We assure to provide you with an individually customised treatment that will suit your needs.

We recommend all whitening patients receive a ‘Healthy Mouth Assessment’ with one of our dentists, which allows you to be clinically assessed for suitability. This extends to an examination of your teeth, mouth, and gums. You will also be asked to answer a few questions regarding your general health to help us provide you with the smile that you want to achieve.


Our Offers

There are several options to choose from, including an office treatment that we do in our practice. This whitening is completed by one of our experienced dentists. They will consult you with what final shade you want to achieve, then begin the whitening process.

Another option is our take home whitening kits. These include a special whitening gel and trays that easily and flexibly shape to your teeth. These only take a couple of minutes every day to achieve that smile that you have always wanted.

We currently have special offers for both our office whitening and take home whitening kits. Call us today or visit our Special Offers page.